Duke Nukem Forever


Duke Nukem Forever Demo for Xbox360

Release Date: 6/03/2011

Rated: M for Mature

Players: 1

Online Players: 0

The year was 1995, I received a ‘real’ computer versus my Tandy Color Computer with 128k RAM.  The computer was aPackard Bell with 16MB of RAM and a HUGE 1GB Harddrive.    Why am I mentioning all of this?  This was the era of new gaming of fortold sound and graphics.  Then games in my PC Gaming were Warcraft II: Tides of DarknessDiablo and then soon Duke Nukem 3D.

This game was NOT MechWarrior, Command & Conquer and before Tribes (by Sierra Entertainment).  Duke Nukem (not be confused by Dynamite Duke) was and is one heck of a man.  Brutal to the aliens, ‘manly’ with the ladies and totally kickbutt to all else that stands in his way.

FASTFORWARD>> Duke Nukem Forever ANNOUNCED!!!  “Come Get Some!” was all most Duke fans wanted.  Time after delayed time.  Like a really good book (no Harry Potter isn’t on our list).  Duke gave many the uncanny feeling of being this over the top hero that saves the world from bottom dwelling scum bucket aliens.

AFTER seeing the movies Alien, Aliens, Predator and Critters WHO didn’t want to kick alien butt?!!  The time has come and now 14 years later, Duke Nukem fans are rejoicing on a LOOOOONNNNNG awaited game.  We Duke Nukians are not hardcore Halo, Gears or Call of Duty fans.  We’re all casual gamers looking for a good blast with friends.  DNF Has had a really rough ride and after playing the Xbox360 demo it shows.

Is that a bad thing?  It depends.
  The game is uber fun in spots as the original, but there were some scenes (the space cruiser in the desert).  It was not THAT bad.  I myself am not going into the game looking for updated or ‘enhanced’ graphics it has that today’s games are designed with.  I am looking for fast load timesrough textures and a ALL OF BABES to SHAKE IT.

IF any gamer is looking for an ultra new experience, this game is not going to do that. Skill shots? Get real.  Blow his family jewels off!!!  This game is for pure, crazy-silly fun and is NEVER to be taken seriously.  This is one game that is worth it’s weight in silver.  Why?  Like a Han Solo frozen in carbonite, this game has not matured into anything it is not.  For some that sounds like a bad thing, for those that know that have placed their pre-orders with confidence and STILL anxiously awaiting delivery.  “Coochie-coochie-coo”  Hmm..  I’ve heard enough of that.

Was DNF worth the wait? 
 The game for those who WERE THERE for the previous launches will find this sequel awesome and not too over the top, but funny and aged, or should I say dated?

Check the videos on YouTube and listen, don’t pay attention to this review, it is all about the experience.  In the FULL version, multiplayer is not acceptable, just add the shrink ray and the fun heats up very fast.  Times have changed, but ‘fun’ has not.

Pick up Duke Nukem Forever, show your support and when Duke Nukem: The Rapture of the Alien Government (this is made up) is released, hopefully we’ll get a good bonus and popular ‘desired upgrade’ Non-Duke Fans were looking for?

Now it’s time go kick some alien butt!

Check back for the FULL PC Game and Balls of Steel Rant.

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