August 2010 | Castle Chat Pilgrim Creating Shares Force

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Holy Cow!  Xbox Live price is going up!?!?  Why!?  We don’t know and we are not talking about that this month, because the Kinect beta kits are out in the test market and we’re waiting for the home test play results.  But we are talking about. . . .

So much for the Summer Days, although it is still burning up out there.  This month we have a handful of things we wanted to discuss, but we cut it short and will be bringing you those topics next month.  This month we have:

  • Castle Crashers Coming to PSN
  • Cross Game Chatting
  • Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game
  • Creating and Sharing Custom Game Content
  • Earth Defense Force on Super Nintendo

  • Spanish Phrase: “This way, follow me!”
    Sigueme. Por aqui! “See ga meh.  Poor ah key!”

Thank You for listening.

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