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Sony had a press conference, did you learn anything? We saw the controller and a few concepts and works in progress. Was that enough for you to make a decision to purchase or not purchase a PS4? Wait, are you even ready for a PS4 any way?

iPad 128GB are coming. Wait, nope, they are already here! 8Bitty Users how are you filling up on games? So much in so little time to talk about around thw water cooler. Let’s hope Nintendo takes it to the next level with the 3DS and integration with the Wii U.

Well, lets get down to this month’s topics:


Consoles Rumors
• Sony PS4
• Microsoft Xbox7Plenty (aka Xbox720 / Durango)

Sony Press Confereance: PS4


Section Z


Legendary Wings


Nintendo News
• Fire Emblem Awakening / DLC
• Animal Crossing

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