April 2011 | Cartridge Kombat Girlie RedBug Fighter Mue

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UPDATED: The RantCast was linked incorrectly!!  – Thanks for the inform, it has been corrected.

Mortal Kombat is BACK and badder and FASTER than ever!! Ed Boon AND Netherealm, THANK YOU! You did us (Kombatants and Street Fighters) well..  GREAT!. It bites that PSN is down, though it is ‘OFF’ for a good reason. Sony had to get Lui Kang on some hackers. If anyone isn’t looking Portal 2 is under $40.00!! (at KMart and GameStop – at the time of this posting). Angry Birds seriously needs to be shot as it is climbing… err FLYING oh so high! The game is fun, you have to admit, addictive, hmmm…?

Sad news, Gerald A. Lawson, creator/inventor of the thing we all call a “cartridge”, a titanium staple in the budding video game industry has passed away. He has had the most interesting life we’ve ever seen of any of the people in the video game industry. R.I.P. E3 is almost here and well, we’re not sure WHAT we should be looking forward to except: More Kinect Games and PS Move Games. okay, okay, Wii 2 HD (or SNES 2.0 as we will be referring to it as). Any more footage of Mass Effect 3 is surely welcomed and MS’s new ‘toy’ should really get the blood pumping full of excitement. We’re just waiting. This month our topics are:

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