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April is now may and look where the games are going, all over the place. FEZ has the BEST 2D mix with 3D graphics and an AWESOME soundtrack. By the way, have you jumped on YouTube and looked up “Go Right”? Truly awesome and dedicated mixed video mashup.
God of War Ascension with multiplayer, sounds awesome. Halo 4 is on the rise, butt Sony, WHERE is Sorcery? Bad news,Nintendo’s FIRST Financial Loss. Should all gamers be concerned? This is the Age of Nintendo. Now on to this month’s rant, here are this month’s topics:


  • Nintendo First Loss Ever 
  • Your most hated video game character and or game? 
  • What medium do you prefer to get your games in or on? 
  • Nintendo going DLC and not reducing the price compared to the Retail price 
  • TV-Like Adverts on Xbox Live 

The Walking Dead

Hybrid by 5th Cell Beta Trailer

Kingdom Rush Trailer

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