April 2013 | Always On: To Be On or Not to Be On

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April Fools!!  Hmm, no real goo April Fool’s joke much.  YouTube, you way over did it.  But it was fun.  Next time, please more variety, granted the hosts were great for the all day of reading cards.  Perfect opportunity missed to showcase google tablets and such and ‘go green’.  In other news, Always On has been buzzing like hyenas to a dead carcass trying to pull some meat off a dead coaxial cable.

Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo!!  Oh boy Nintendo!  Nintendo Direct had a LOAD of good news, but the BEST news?  Wait for it.  Wait for it….   THE LEGEND OF ZELDA A LINK TO THE PAST SEQUEL was NOT ONLY announced, but SHOWCASED!!!!  Oh joys oh rapture.  Who thought we’d still be alive to see this happen?  ULTRAAAA COMBOOOOO?  Wait, can it be?  Someone said that there will NEVER be a new Killer Instinct.  And sure as this website has an IP Address and you can read this, get ready to light it up!!!  RARE do us good….. Again!  Please bring Chief Thunder back.

Well, lets get down to this month’s topics:

Always on XboxPlenty
“Always Online” to me means connected if it can “Online Required” means it doesn’t work without being connected to their server?

Next Gen Consoles Game Play Desire
CAPCOM cancels Mega Man Online

Efficient, Realistic and Re-Organizing of Game Publishers


-Smaller Budgets
-Smaller Teams

Road Redemption

Nintendo News
Zelda A Link to the Past Sequel
Starship Damrey

Nintendo Direct
Chief Thunder

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