Armored Warriors by CAPCOM

Just a random browsing session on the YouTube and this surfaced: Armored Warriors.  We NEVER heard of it until today.  Say what?  Yeh, “WHAAAAAAT?!”  Capcom what is this madness?  All this is an awesome game that needs to get ported to PS4, Wii (eShop), Wii U (eShop), 3DS and 2DS (eShop), iOS, Android, OUYA, Xbox360 and Xbox One.  Sure some can use emulators to play, while others can purchase an enhanced, online scoreboard and online multiplayer play version.

Someone (at CAPCOM) truly needs to go and take charge of pulling ALL CAPCOM Arcade Games and running a poll on twitter and Facebook immediately on what the fans want.  You need profits, this is a no-brainer, but please, do put someone with a brain on this project.

– Thanks!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Takayuki Iwai for his AWESOME MUSIC across more than a decade!

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