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The Walking Dead Episode: The Game, FINALLY here. We’re ready to bite into that one! JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is now on PSN! Go Get IT! Nintendo and Microsoft handing preliminary passes. One for the Wii U and another for the New Upcoming NXE. We’ve heard that the Internet Explorer Browser in the upcoming NXE is lighting fast! Check out the beta, though it is close. Awww…

Kenji Kaido leaves Sony, though we will get into that next month in ‘developers and their leave’ Neil Armstrong has passed¬†away… Rest in Peace… for you…

Well, lets get down to this month’s topics.


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Ouya Update

EA on Microtransactions

Thoughts on: How We’d Like Microtransactions to Work for Gamers


Steam Bandits: Outpost

Kickstarter : Sega Dreamcast II (What If)s

Nintendo News

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