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Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft. Enough said. Sony, play nice. The gamers will decide which console, games and handhelds they choose, as gamers play everything. No one likes to be condescended or cheated. The wallets will speak. Ducktales Remastered is out. Wow! Awesome game! Platforming and Disney 2D Graphics!! What could be better? (More Disney 2D games at 60 frames per second.) Mighty No. 9 is coming, sorta…

In other news, Nintendo is packing TWO POWER PUNCHES!!! $50 off Wii U – WHAM! 2DS Console (for those under age 8) DOUBLE WHAM!

Watch out MehStation and MehBox, Reggie isn’t scared. He knows a ‘Glass Joe’ and ‘Don Flamingo’ when he sees them. He knows the pattern. Let the games begin.

Well, lets get down to this month’s topics:

• Customized Multiplayer Online Mudbox games
Grand Theft Auto, APB, Saints Row and more.

Grand Theft Auto

Blood Hustle

• Mighty No. 9

• Ducktales Remastered (a gamer responding 100% accurately to a previous review)

• Nintendo News
Price drop on the Nintendo Wii U (Sept 20, 2013)
New 2DS Handheld for $129.99

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