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Masaya Nakamura Passes Away

Masaya Nakamura

Masaya Nakamura
With great sadness, we are hit with a creator of many games such as Dig Dug, Ridge Racer and Tekken.  But his most famous and enjoyable game made in 1980 was Pac Man was.  Masaya Nakamura has passed away.

Arcades were buzzing with gamers waiting in line like to play,
Then it hit…  Pac Man Fever.

So much merchandise was created it was crazy like a fever.  Even ice cream and cereal.  A kiddie cartoon show was even created.  if you have kids under age six, look it up and let them watch.  Some like it, some do not.

Masaya Nakamura, Thank You for your great creativeness.  As the TMNT would say “Pizza Time!”

Sony Closes PSHome in March 2015



Sony is finally putting an end to the Beta of PlayStation Home by closing it’s doors come March 31, 2015.   Sounds sad, to a point right?  Sony made a few things and many of them did not materialize as SO MANY good and bad things happened.

Good Things:

  • People, not just gamers came together and had fun.
  • People danced as avatars with Mouse Heads in long lines.
  • People spent money and brought their friends and spent more money.

The Bad Things:

  • Bullies came.
  • Racists came.
  • Males pretending to be women came.

And they ALL caused a ruckus which lead to a LOT of PSHome’s services be shutdown.

Did we learn anything?
Yep, people on the internet are inconsiderate, arrogant trolls and aggressors.


Sony failed me in 2002… How? I learned of their Aibo product and wanted one really bad.

But a co-worker who’s family had one told me not to get one as a replacement for a real pet. The battery lasted only 15 minutes or so and took 2 to three hours to charge.

My point?  Sony HAD technology before MANY companies of today.  The Aibo had:

1. Voice recognition.
2 Facial recognition.
3. Robotics on a consumer level.

My dream (2002)?

I was hoping in the future Sony would integrate the Aibo tech into the new Playstation or what is known today as the PS3.


Who would not want a wifi, bluetooth enabled ‘pet’ that could not only be on a timer to greet you at your door, but also locate you in your home and tell you when your favorite shows are on, by voice?

Also, homage to Nintendo’s R.O.B., it can play games and learn your patterns of play.

Example: Say you want to play a battle version of Tetris or Peggle (any multiplayer game). Every yearly quarter, data is collected from human players of both games (all games with this tech) and it increases the A.I. of the Aibo Product.  So not only can the Aibo play competitively, it is using the KNOWN tactics most used by humans themselves.

Imagine being a single child, or a Dad alone while his gaming partner kid is out with Mom.  Aibo would be a good substitute for a partner.  Some adjustments made for campaign so Aibo doesn’t complete the game on its own.  Its a sidekick until you beat the game once in campaign mode.

Or how about playing a game by yourself and forgetting you wanted to watch a movie, game or live internet show?  Aibo can remind you and even showcase the data on an iFrared Transfer as it did with the DCR-TRV525 HandyCam.  No wires needed if you have a Sony TV.  But by today’s standard, it would be WiFi transferred (like Apple’s AirPlay or Google’s Chromecast)  or better yet, offer both!

This was all what I thought was going to possibly happen with an ‘Aibo Playground‘. A place where you play with a digital version of your pet, it may be connected via USB or Bluetooth, this was 2002, so a wired version was in my thoughts.  It would react in the ‘playground’ and be much more animated.

It could take voice commands while in game, take photos of you live and short video clips and import them into PSHOME or the game if it allowed.  In advanced, more expensive versions, you could paint your Aibo in the Aibo Home and in the real world, it would change that color with special paint and lights.

Think PSHome, but for Aibo (Tokyo Jungle proves it COULD have happened) and people who own them could play with their Aibos, think like PS Move / Kinect Voice, but with Sixasis and Aibo (PSEye).  This would also save on battery charging and such and allow you to ‘play’ with Aibo.  And now with PSVita, not exactly PSP, Aibo could play with you on the go, even if it (he or she) is at home as long as they are in sleep mode and connected to the internet.

So many possibilities missed.

It’s a shame Sony did not revolutionize on the tech.  It’s like no one in the ideas and creation dept are thinking any more.  Look at PS Move.  What is it compared to what we were told?  I was there and now.  It is mehhh.  I like it, but where are the others who like it?

How do cellphones fit?

With Aibo being bluetooth and wifi, you could use said animal (just like Doctor Who’s K-9) to voice chat and video chat with people across the globe anywhere you have an internet connection with the Aibo.

The product would know it’s limitations and automatically return to the charger.

But THOSE were my thoughts.


1. Siri
2. Iris
3. Mobile voice commands
4. Robotics

Sony was leading, but not now.  Sad.  Maybe in the future?  AiboPet is the GREATEST.

Sad that Sony is NOT like Apple, leading the way by allowing home users and motivated Devs to assist in improving their product by making a way to do so.

Psygnosis 2012 Great Memories and Changes

Thank you Psygnosis (or Psyknosis as we called you) for ALL the innovative games you brought us. We LOVED Nintendo’s FZero, but when I played Wipeout and saw that first Red Bull Billboard back in 1996, we were blown away – it couldn’t get better!?  How wrong were we? Very wrong!! WipeOut XL proved to be the mind-altering high we NEVER expected! Thank you!

Sure we enjoyed Daytona USA in the arcade and at home, but NO game rivals the speed of the WipeOut series and keeps it fun.  The next closest game would be Hydro Thunder.

Thank you for introducing many of us to The Chemical Brothers, The Future Sound of London, Photek, Daft Punk, Orbitaland many, many more awesome musicians.

Awesome racing, awesome music, great play mechanics!  We can LITERALLY destroy the competition!!  The Psygnosis we once knew was started in love to protect certain owls. Animal lovers, respects grew even more for you.  (Yes, we remember.)

We will not divulge into Destruction Derby as THAT is a game we (the gaming community – Console and PC) REALLY want and need to crash and bash metal in a super arena. Twisted Metal is fun, but Destruction Derby was HILARIOUS and stress relieving.

We are truly saddened once again – first the name change to ‘SCE Studio Liverpool’, now the most terrible of closure. We will ALWAYS smile when we (warrengonline) see WipeOut XL or hear ANY of the music of the soundtrack of it. We’re glad you allowed us to import our music from WipeOut XL onto our PS3 for WipeOut HD.  The new racers possess much more skills. Such as braking, doing a 160 and firing on oncoming racers.

We are sorry Sony has chosen to close our doors of great gaming. We truly hope and wish you all the best. But even more,we look forward to seeing and playing your future talents/games on other platforms.  The company may be gone, but the people who powered it are not.

Thank you so much.

Killer Instinct 3!!

ULTRA-A-A-A-A COMBO-O-O-O! Or so shall it seem? Donnchadh Murphy (from RARE) and his interview that saddened us here at Killer Game Rants (that’s where ‘Killer’ came from in the name), but more of why we will not be seeing a Killer Instinct 3.

Check below for the interview.

Our Original Rant on Nintendo, RARE and Microsoft (Nov 2006): (Skip to Timecode 1:05)