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Video Games: The Movie

A great movie about video games.  An intro that ALL GAMERS will appreciate.  Covering mostly Atari up until 2013.  Sadly, 3DO and Sega Dreamcast was just skipped over like they did not exist,.  But, but, do not let that down you.

This is a great movie for all of us who were there for arcades and standing in line at stores with strangers to play our turn at Super Mario Bros.  Even some Heavy Rain (YAY!) is showcased!

Watch it on Netflix

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Something Extra (on repeat since Feb 2014 – July 2014) with good earphones.

Not game related, but still awesome: Rudimental – Waiting All Night

Old School Martial Arts: The Last Dragon

Back in the day there were two powers, the humble Bruce Leroy (Taimak) and Sho’nuff (Julius Carry) who made us laugh and made us tough.  Looking at today’s Street Fighter, makes you wonder, was Akuma actually Sho’nuff and Fei Long Bruce Leroy.  The resemblances are striking.

Watch this movie when you can, it is full of good and cheesy humor and some good martial arts fighting.

Taimak’s Fan Page

Where’s the blue-ray, here’s IMDB