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What’s that Sound? What’s that Smell? It’s Toejam and Earl!

Welcome back two crazy guys in a game being developed by Adult Swim Games. That means it has a 100% chance of not being censored. You know, with the scientist and those needles or the hot tub and girls. This video makes it look so much fluid and the animation seems superior to the Sega Genesis cart. Get ready to funk it up!

Read more over here:

IF you are unfamiliar with this crazy title, check out the original here:

AM2R – A Metroid 2 Remake Return of Samus

An awesome new remake of an awesome game.  If you are into platformers, this game needs no introduction.  But those who have never battled a metroid, Metroid 2 Remake is an awesome ode to 2D platforming.  Nice music along with the graphics.

What’s that?  You say you want to play it?  Well, glad you asked.  Downloaded it free at:

Enjoy and survive!!!


Are you a G1 Transformers fan?  Then this fan made film will not disappoint.  We start off with a high speed desert chase, you know like in the 80’s tv cartoon, Transformers.  That’s where the action and the drama picks up,.  We do not want to spoil the experience.  It is GREAT!

This is our Transformers.


Be sure to watch the credits.   Smile and smile wide.