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Masaya Nakamura Passes Away

Masaya Nakamura

Masaya Nakamura
With great sadness, we are hit with a creator of many games such as Dig Dug, Ridge Racer and Tekken.  But his most famous and enjoyable game made in 1980 was Pac Man was.  Masaya Nakamura has passed away.

Arcades were buzzing with gamers waiting in line like to play,
Then it hit…  Pac Man Fever.

So much merchandise was created it was crazy like a fever.  Even ice cream and cereal.  A kiddie cartoon show was even created.  if you have kids under age six, look it up and let them watch.  Some like it, some do not.

Masaya Nakamura, Thank You for your great creativeness.  As the TMNT would say “Pizza Time!”

Arnold Palmer Passes Away

Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer, a legend with such class.  You might be too young to know Arnold, but he was one of the world’s top golfers.   His poise so graceful made many think golf was easy.  He was a champion of his time and even had a video game on Sega Genesis called Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf.  This game was truly aimed at golf players.  No casuals here, unless you are learning.

If you’re out eating, be sure to order up an ‘Arnold Palmer’ in respects to the legend.


Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf on Sega Genesis

What’s that Sound? What’s that Smell? It’s Toejam and Earl!

Welcome back two crazy guys in a game being developed by Adult Swim Games. That means it has a 100% chance of not being censored. You know, with the scientist and those needles or the hot tub and girls. This video makes it look so much fluid and the animation seems superior to the Sega Genesis cart. Get ready to funk it up!

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