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MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!  We hope you have (or had) a good time with family and friends as this year comes to an end.

December cold and shivering?  Not really!  Skyrim, Batman, Halo Evolved Anniversary!  Wow!  GamePro Magazine makes way and now you now need a Gold Membership to reply to a message on Xbox Live?  Ow.  But okay.  Kinectimals on iPad2! LostWinds also.  The iPad2 is gearing up for a good casual storm.  This month went by so fast.  It was VANQUISHED!  Now on to this month’s rant, here are this month’s topics:

New Xbox Live Dashboard is EFFICIENT!

Xbox Live iOS App


Is there going to be a DLC Burn-to-Disc Service
A service where the games game owners choose are burned to disc and once the disc is activated, the games are removed from the consoles’ harddrive?

Capcom making games too DLC dependent and re-selling games a tad too fast?

KGR Wallpaper for iPad, iPad2, iPhone and iPod Touch :

1. Tap image, then when large image appears tap and hold until “Save Image” appears then save image.
2. Then navigate to Photo or Camera Roll.
3. Tap the image.
4. Then tap the arrow pointing right in the corner.
5. On the menu, choose  “Use as Wallpaper”.
6. Choose as “Set Lock Screen”.
7. You’re done.

Free Desktop Wallpaper


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