Devil May Cry 4


At first I had doubts about the main character being Nero this time, but low and behold I have grow to love him. His devil arm opens a whole new combo chain. The way he man handles Berial in the first boss fight is too cool.

The game is pretty much flawless gameplay wise, combos are well done and the movement is great. I did notice some graphical glitches here and there usually to do with the shadows of the characters and objects on screen.

Another downside is the lack of weapons for Nero why just a gun and sword whereas Dante is kitted up with weapons and fighting styles. Now the story is great in my opinion but the whole back tracking in the game as Dante spoils a great story, not storywise but gameplay wise as it does get repetitive very fast but do note Dante makes easy work of his levels due to his experience in devil hunting.

Multiplayer can’t really be assessed in this game because the game was always made for single player gamers. (360Code 5: XXXX)

Okay, enough of flaws now as a devil may cry fan I got this game with little thought and I can strongly say devil may cry 4 will make us DMC fans right at home because its offering everything from dmc3 and more. But I do recommend this title to new DMC players due to the fact the game can now be purchased at a bargain price and has hours of single player fun with loads of different difficulty settings a survival mode and of course leaderboards for those high scorers.

7.5/10 a must buy for PS3 and 360 owners!!!!

Review by Steve Da Silva

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