Einhander Should Be on PS4 and PS3

Have you seen Resogun?  It looked pretty awesome until we learned it was on PS4.   That’s ‘Next-Gen’?  We were a bit thrown back and decided to play some Einhander from PSOne (pump it up to 720p).  We didn’t record it as it was just to see how Einhander held up.  And as you can see from the video above, Einhander is still and AWESOME GAME!

Then we had to look up Axelay on SNES.  SNES!  A CARTRIDGE!!!  It’s Nintendo,  so no Sony port here.

Well, listen at that MUSIC!!!!  LISTEN TO THOSE SOUNDS!!!!  Note: Axelay is on Wii Virtual Console.

This games is awesome and full of challenge with THREE SETTINGS:

I’m a Wimp , Kinda a Wimp and I’m No Wimp.  One of us is Kind of a Wimp while the other is NOT a Wimp.

Just kidding, its Easy, Normal and Hard.  The music Axelay has in it just is joined together with GREAT graphics and controls that hold up today.

This article was written as some gamers say these games are not in demand.  Why not?  Possibly because many games most likely do not know they exist?  I guess all the cool in the know need to tell everyone?  Then make it so!

– Thanks Brent P.

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