Fable 2



Fable 2  for Xbox360

Release Date: 10/21/2008

Rated: M for mature

Players: 2

Online Players: 2


 Fable II one of the most anticipated games released Oct 21, 2008.  This is my first time playing any Fable game.  I remember part one as most hardcore gamers who rushed through it and beat it in four days made the game sound like it was not worth the time. 

Well, I’m not one of those types.  I bought Fable II Limited Edition and well, after the cutbacks, that was a slight let down.  Well, it become worse when I went to my game retailer to pick up my shiny tin and collector’s case.  There WAS NO shiny tin or collector’s case!

What a true bummer, should I have spent the extra money just for a code for Master Chief’s armor and plasma blade?  Keep reading to find out.  Well, after inputting the use-once code and downloading the 180k DLC,I popped in Fable II. 

The opening screen was AWESOME and the gentle music was astounding, until a pre-cut custscene blundered in and scared the bajezus out of me.  I pressed the button, started a new quest and was a bit concerned how it started.  It was BORING!  I thought to myself “Man, did I just buy a sucky game?

Well, after moving along and doing a few heroic feats, a familiar voices was heard in my microphone.  Then this ‘ball of light’ with a familiar gamerpic was floating around me.

It was my friend from Canada!  Cool!  He invited me to his game, i had to set up an henchman character for my friend’s game (this kinda sucked at first, but now that I understand it – I get to keep all the gold and experience earned there and it is automatically added to my character when I return to my game. 

Well, we played a bit as I assisted him in battles.  The camera took some getting used to as it did not allow neither of us to control it.

Now upon returning to my game, I earned a bit of gold, more magic and a trust companion.  That is all awesome!  At first you think is it so-so, but when you train your companion, he/she is the best AI for you to tag along and help you.

The map on the game is VAST, though you can traverse it VERY easily.  Targeting enemies is somewhat simple, and I love how you do no run out of bullets and the crossbow is one of my favorite weapons!

The music of the game carries over VERY well, very enriching like Oblivion’s.  The voices are well said, but some of the character acting is a bit stale as if they are talking AT YOU and not TO YOU.  Blame that on Mass Effect.

This game get better and better and you play it.  Am I mad I bought the Limited Edition?  No, but I no longer will purchase Limited Editions as they will most likely release the ‘extra’ use-once only code content on Xbox Live for all users to purchase at a later date.

Why?  Although Hal’s armor (Master Chief’s amor) is level four and powerful for a beginner, you CAN’T show it off in online co-op!  What the devil was the point!?!?  Sorry Peter Molyneux, but shame on you for that!  I forgive you this time, but you won’t catch me buying that limited edition of Fable 3. (360Code 4: 7C8CC)

Also another let down was the Bonus CD.  There is a video on the Bonus CD that has a Hobbe Traveling around the UK.  Nothing special, nothing funny (humorous at the most), it is just the little figure, no animation, no voice overs, just a boring video that looks as if it was stuff on the CD as filler.  The video is GREAT quality, but the content subject was boring.

Would I recommend Fable II Limited Edition to anyone.  NO!  Would I recommend Fable II to anyone, HECK YEAH!  This game is great fun!  KillaKev is VERY skeptical at this moment, but he will be picking this game up and trying it out. After playing God of War (on PS2) and Mass Effect (on Xbox360), his standards are very high.

If you can’t buy this game, rent it!

Who This Game is For: college students, Fable 1 players, adventurous types


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