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Binary Domain by SEGA has come out and it is one good game (not too enjoyable by hardcore FPS fan, but the casualcrowd looking for action and story will enjoy it) to those who are playing it and enjoying deploying their team members viavoice and verbally interacting with the computer components. The new SSX has also hit the streets. So many games, so little time. March brings Mass Effect 3 to finish the story and Street Fighter x Tekken.  Be aware of the ides of March!

No sign of a new Pit Fighter or Battle Arena Toshinden. nor Killer Instinct. Sad last minute update, Davy Jones from The Monkees pass away. Rest in Peace sir. More [??] from Apple, is the iPad3 about to be revealed and the ‘Xbox720‘ to have atablet controller? We’re not sure but, here are this month’s topics:


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