Gamester81: The Video Game

Rejoice a NEW ColecoVision Game is underway!!  Gamester81 is going to be in his OWN GAME!!  To some that may not sound exciting, but think “IN YOUR OWN GAME”.  Neat.  He’s been working hard on it with a friend and I was at first skeptical, until I saw and HEARD his showcase video last week.

Okay, a ‘Donkey Kong-ish’ level’ okay.  Invaders Rain, hmmm!  But that new take on Pac-Man in Pac World is something to see.
[whispers “awesommmmmmme.” under our breath].

IF you are into retro graphics and sounds, click the links all over and view a master piece worthy of noting.

The best part?  Wait for it….  Wait…  IT’S GOING TO BE ON CARTRIDGE!!!!! That means NO loading time or updating ever time you play it.  Just how video games were supposed to be and used to be.  Heads-up: Limited supplies, so get in now if you are a collector or a retro player.

We’re not sure if he is going to release it on any other platforms (SteamAndroid, iOS or Android), so don’t hesitate if you want the cart.

Read more and help out (and insert many, many quarters) at:

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