Gears of War 3


Gears of War 3 for Xbox360

Release Date: 09/20/2011

Rated: M for Mature

Players: 2

Online Players: 10

Gears of War started a trend that is now continued with the third and final installment. It’s been a rough ride all the way to now. The Lambent is killing us all, both Humans and the Locust. What are we to do? Fight to the end! We’ve traversed a giant city sinking worm, fought the Skorge and Brumaks! Awesome!! Now in this chapter we have ‘To Finish It!’.

Picking up the controls, this feels just like home. Ahhh, the freshness, nothing truly too hard to pick up and run with. New Weapons: Retro Lander, Sawed of Shotgun, One Shot and Incendiary Grenade. There is also the Meat Cleaver and a few other guns, but the one we loved was the new and improved HAMMERBURST! That thing just rocks the party with targeted aiming. Hot!

If you’ve played Gears of War 2, this game’s control will feel right from the get go. Now you can play with up to 4 people in co-op and wreck havoc on the Locusts together. Makes one hope they do an Anniversary Gears of of War: Nugget Edition that has all three games, but cuts out the much of part two and just put in a 3 to 5 minutes machininma animation and goes right into his one!

And is 4 players Co-Op that has an INSANE and Uber Insane Mode for the Elite players for $29.99 and more maps. Just saying. The Gears 3 story unveils the rest of the truth. On the normal setting, one can cut through this game playing 4 hours a day and beat it in three days straight. That’s 12 hours of casual play. Well worth the money.

It was a cool and weird ride. Nothing like part one, kinda like part two but totally new. Diggers will make you jump a bit when you first experience them, but they are fun as all get out in Multiplayer. “DIG!” Multiplayer is actually where the game shines AGAIN. Horde Mode returns, bigger and more head-splode’in galore. Beast Mode and Capture the Leader are some intense experiences waiting for the seasoned and unseasoned COG like you. Not to spoil the game’s campaign ending, but questions WERE left unanswered were:

1. WHO or WHAT are the Locust?
2. WHO is the Locust Queen and why does she look humanoid and she speak ‘Human’ compared to the other female Locust?
3. Her ‘Bee Bug Rider Insecticon’ was awful powerful, fierce, but awesome, where did she get it?

With those questions unanswered, are we going to get a Gears of War 3: May Day, May Day DLC to go back to the Aftermath and learn of this and to perhaps, re-live a scene to save ‘a loved one’ or not and have a special ending? those are just questions and thoughts. This game is a GREAT ending for the series, if it is in fact over. “Yeh! Woo! Bring it on sucka. This my kinda $#%!”

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