Gears of War


Gears of War for Xbox360

Release Date: 11/7/2006

Rated: M for Mature

Players: 2

Online Players: 8

Gears of War, one of the BEST looking games on the Xbox360, possibly the planet (well, Crysis, but who can play it?). This game is involving the human race being obliterated by an alien force and like the Contra series before, a select few heroes fit the part to fight the aliens. This game is AWESOME, although it has quite a few bugs, but nothing to ruin your experience.

The control takes a little to get used; ducking for cover, switching weapons on the fly and meleeing opponents are much needed skills if you want to win. The achievements in this game are easy to impossible to achieve alone. This is great buddy game. With NXE Party Chat, start a group and go at it. Gears of War, the most memorable game on Xbox360.

Who This Game is For: college students, sci-fi war lovers, sci fi fans, gorey horror lovers

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