Happy Birthday Sega Dreamcast!


Welcome everyone and your Ma. Sega Dreamcast arrived to North American Shores on Sept 9, 1999. TODAY!! Were you standing in line or sleeping in late? HUGE THANKS to TheSpaceChannel5 for this AWESOME compilation of the Sega Dreamcast Library! Just pure gaming awesomeness! Enjoy!

Note: Do you think we’ll EVER see a Sega Dreamcast II?  Well, since 2008, we have new Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat games with Killer Instinct (something something) on it’s way. Why no Sega Dreamcast!??!  2016?  Okay, we wait. 
“Life has a funny way of working things out.”

Sega Dreamcast II!?!?? We are hoping and praying. Waiting eagerly. Why? It was once said that Sonic and Mario will NEVER be in a video game together. Well…. Yeh, that’s right. Anything is possible. Be Continued!

Best Sega Dreamcast Commercial

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