Hideo Kojima Has Departed from KONAMI

Sad news that is actually HAPPY NEWS! Hideo Kojima, the Great Honorable Creator of Experiences has left the Up, Up, Down, Down, Full of Disrespect and No Honor NAMI. We removed KO as with no KOjima, there is NO KONAMI.

Hideo is in talks with Sony to create a smaller company to bring GREATNESS to Sony Games. Will he do it? Of course. It’s time for change and change is now.

What type of games are you hoping for? We’d hope he’s start with as small game in 8Bit format, in the ode of Metal Gear on NES. Only this time, BETTER and release it on consoles and mobile arenas with a good story and tight controls and good challenge. Follow that up with Shadow Complex-like Metal Gear game to continue that story. Stop and bring out a horror, could be point and click Silent Hill-like game for all we care. Make us JUMP with NIGHT TERRORS!!!



What ever Mr. Kojima does, we all know we all will be watching and waiting.