Welcome to Killer Game Rants for your Game Ranting.

Killer Game Rants we’ve been down for quite a few months because of a hack.  Nice, right?  But we DO LOVE how people are using the word ‘RANT’ in their videos.  And before Killer Game Rants, there was NO Street Fighter nor a Mortal Kombat in production back in 2006, early 2007.  Tekken was still going strong.  So with that, we know someone is listening.  Thanks.

We began as simple recorded phone chat about old (fighting) games we loved and branched out.

In 2008 we soon got a Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, we liked it because it was something old and something new, but nothing what we truly wanted.  Then later Street Fighter IV, in 2.5D!!!

Wow!  Then another and another, crap, too much!

Then a new Mortal Kombat.  Who’d have thought it was possible?  But wait, it didn’t stop there.  The one true game we were waiting for, granted it was not by our beloved, well-known Conker developer RARE, Killer Instinct finally realized and out on Xbox One.

Which many fail to even speak about the Arcade Perfect Killer Instinct included in the download.  Download?  Yes, download.

(bad taste in mouth)

We do love that new comers are loving it, so we pass the torch to them to carry it on.  Like we said in our original video, “We might not even care when the game comes out, as long as it does.”  We’ve reached that point with many of Triple A Title games.

Visit us monthly as we cover games, electronics, random news bits unlike other websites similar to KGR.  We are old school, but we don’t need to tell you that, just look at the games we play and talk about.

Your place for video game ranting!