Bullet Bros

YEEEEEEEEHAAAAWWWWW!!!  “A New Contender Enters The Ring: Jason Stokes!”.  If you are a side-scrolling, shoot’em up fan, just click the image above or the link below to have your mind-blown as Bullet Bros REJUVENATES Contra! KONAMI, we miss and love you.  We want some Dance Dance Revolution love (the old fashion, original way – no Kinect or PS EYE).

Jason has taken the ‘Contra’ co-op to the NEXT level with not only physics, but TWO PLAYER VEHICLE COMBINATIONS OF VEHICLES!!!

This is unlike any other game we’ve ever seen, including Metal Slug and CyberLip.  The word awesome is an understatement.

He has not decided on what platform he is going to release it on, he’s going to allow contributors vote later as he’s working hard.  But this is a MUST-SUPPORT and a MUST-HAVE game.  But again, once you see it, you mind will be blown into pure 2D JOY!

Click the link below to see the video and some high resolution screenshots of the work in progress.  FREE DESKTOP WALLPAPER!!!


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