January 2011 | Jurassic Jack Hard Ghosted Oni Dukem

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Happy NEW YEAR (again?)!!! [BOOMSHAKLAKA!]  A lot of things have happened in the past 40 days. http://www.redfoundry.com has opened.  Don’t know what that is?  Check out it if you ever wanted to make an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad App.  Marvel vs Capcom 3 is almost upon us.  Are you ready?  Mestizo takes a break from KGR.  Instead of hiring a valuable team player, Sony kicks ‘Geohotz’ with a restraining order instead of using his smarts to better off the PS3and the company.

2011 feel liks it going to have a bit more of the bad stuff, with Egypt and all, but life is life.  We all have to move one what we believe.  We here at KGR believe this year in gaming is going to get ‘childishly’ nasty (Kinect vs PS Move.  Wii is just humming along waiting for Little Big Bro 3DS to arrive in March).  Just please feed us the good stuff!  This month our topics are:

Welcome to the new year, we hope you enjoyed 2010, but it is long gone now.  No turning back!!  This year is going to be different, you have to push and pull for yourself and not wait for it.  Our twitter capsule is up and running.  Check it out.  http://twitter.com/killergamerants.

Remember it only takes one, is that one you?

Thank you for listening!!

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