January 2013 | First Console and Game Mental Violence Fantasy

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Happy New Year! So many things. Ouya shipping has started. We have something called ‘STEAMBOX‘ coming along and the winds blowing PS4 and Xbox720 rumors and more around. So much, the internet is overflowing.

The Neo Geo X came, but some one exploited it. So, now rumors limited numbers are going to be built. Sad, Sega Dreamcast ALL OVER AGAIN! With so much violence happening lately, we HATE to bring up guns, but we were doing this BEFORE the unstable minded came along. Gunman Clive, an iNDIE GAME you really need to check out. It is on Nintendo 3DS and iOS. Check it out.!!

Well, lets get down to this month’s topics:

First Console and Video Game You Ever Played

Video Game Violence



Nintendo News
• Pokemon x and y
• Fire Emblem Awakening / DLC
• CAPCOM releasing megaman 1-6 in the eShop

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