July 2010 | Street Iron Fist Con Force Marvels Motion Amigo

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Wow!!!  Capcom and Namco Universes COLLIDE!!  We were NOT expecting this and it totally BLEW our minds!!

When Ryu kicked Kuzuya across the screen, there was NOTHING more glorious?  Yeh, right!!  Then quirky tag-team like switch out were CRAZY!!  We thought it could not be done, Capcom and Namco are back in full force about to make the impossibly possible, but how welll we actually like such to power house fighting ggames becoming as one in TWO versions?!!?!?

This month, we ranted on about:


  • Street Fighter Crossover Tekken [aka World Warrior Iron Fist Tournament]
  • Tekken Crossover Street Fighter [aka Iron Fist Tournament of World Warriors]
  • Comic-Con 2010 BETTER than E3 2010?
  • Lifeforce  by KONAMI on the NES
  • Street Fighter Three: Third Strike Online
  • Marvel vs Capcom 3: Update
  • Motion Control Games : Fad or New Wave?
  • [Spanish Phrase of August:] “Good game friend.” Buena jugada amigo.  [pronounciation:] “Bwena hoo-godda amee-go.”
    Thank You for listening.


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