July 2011 | Cap DLC Digitize Pro Wrestling

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We’re late!  We’re late!  July is now over, but we’re going over what happened during the hot, hot month.  EVO kicked off and Mortal Kombat 9 was in the room competing.  Too bad Mr. Ed Boon could not make it.  CFAS was in the house at EVO, they had fun.  A handful of high ranked players got eliminated, crazy results!  The Nintendo 3DS is taking the spotlight, NetFlix is now on Nintendo 3DS, it is truly nice.  The Thundercats are back, how’d you like them?  And Shark Week has started.

Happy Happy Joy Joy for all.  The Nintendo 3DS is getting a price drop and the current owners will get 20 FREE Games – 10 NES Games and 10 GameBoy Advance Games.  This all happens later August and Early September.  A Mass Effect Movie is in the works, let’s hope someone gets familiar with the  This month our topics are:

  •  Capcom – How much DLC will there be?
  • Are we EVER going to see another 2D Street Fighter II AFTER Street Fighter Third  Strike Online?
  • What happened to digital images?  Digitizing Real images in games?
  • Speed Demos Archive Marathon: 8/4 – 8/6. Raising Money for Organization for Autism Research
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Pro Wrestling from NES


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