June 2010 | Mortal Twisted E3nimals $10 Fee ePSP

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From all the great minds, talented and creative people in the Siliconian Region, all hailed the E3 2010!!

June 2010 brought a LOT of stuff with it and took quite a few memories with it, R.I.P. Jimmy Dean (Country Music Singer),Paul Gray (Slipnot Bassist), Rue McClanahan (Golden Girls – Blanche), Gary Coleman and many many more.  A year since the King of Pop’s death, can you believe it?  We can’t.  Remember those before us for we will be in their place sooner than we think.  Now on with the show…

This month, we ranted on about:

Mortal Kombat: The Movie – Our Take – Content: Rated R

  • Mortal Kombat the going back to its roots – Content: Rated R
  • Twist Metal – Bigger Badder Online Multiplayer
  • E3 – What’s what we found Interesting (Brief)
  • Why haven’t we gotten a 4-Player Simpson’s Arcade  or a 6-Player version of X-Men Arcade (Or 4 Player) Game for home consoles?http://youtu.be/usfFuQFBxsY
    • $10 Fee Ticket to play their games online if you buy a game used
    • Is EyePet for UK/AU going to have a Playstation Move Update?
    • Is Sony going to make an eReader for the PSP?
      (Side load: PDF, ePub, PDF, HTML and XML files and read them on the PSP 1000 on up?)
    • OnLive



    Thank You for listening.

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