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June, June find all the runes!  This month was a good month, packed with a whole lot of stuff on the front scene and behind the scenes.  Kinect Ads?  What the heck?  “Kinect, find me Waldo.  Good Kinect!”  Even more psycho crazy news; World of War Craft FREE PLAY up to level 20!  Talk about lay’in waste to some extra time!?  E3 has come and gone, who was the winner?  Xbox360 showed quite a few Kinect-Enabled (instead of ‘Enhanced’) games, Nintendo wowed us, but at the same time didn’t really please us with their Wii U.  Sony was truly big pimp’in with the PS Vita.  Talk about “power in Your Pocket.

The Wii U Controller looks rad, but what happens if you drop it once like you’ve done with your Wiimote Controller? With the power of the Nintendo 3DS, why can’t that be used in conjunction with the Wii for some 3D Screen, dual platform gaming by one company?  Hmmmm….  This month our topics are:

The 3DS gets a 3D Zelda: Ocarina of Time?  But why doesn’t the eShop get Zelda 1
or 2 from NES OR A Link to the     Past form SNES?  Untouched?  They do not have
to be in 3D!!


  • Soul Caliber V
  • Nintendo 3Ds eShop is open– The web browser is still slow, no flash support.  Nothing new.- Excitebike was free.  What did you think of it.

    – Dark Void Zero is in the eShop.  It is a GREAT platformer.

    – Are we going to get a Silent Scope with Wii and 3DS combo use?

    • E3, what impressed or got your interest?Nintendo New Thing – Wii U
      – The system looks a little blah, but it is a show model.
      – The controller looks wild, but doe sit mean we no longer need a TV to play?
      – Price points?PS Vita
      – I was not impressed until I saw the Modnation Racers video – AWESOME beyond my
      tablet blowing dreams!
      – Games look wonderful on it.
      – Transfarring – Two Year Two Years later?
      – I want access to the FULL PS1 Library on this thing IF I buy it.

      Xbox Kinect
      – More Kinect Enabled Games

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