June 2012 | E3 2012 Crunchy Lima Beans

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E3 2012 has come and gone. Did you see ANYTHING that excited you? Anything spark your interest?

Nintendo’s Wii U stole the show. Lots of ideas and concepts for the games to use the Wii U controller. But guess what? NO SHOWCASE of the Wii U Console!

Bummer. Sony did a party on stage with Sony All-Star Battle Royale. Impressive with platform cross-play (PS3 to Vita and Vita to PS3). INNOVATIVE!

Microsoft unleashed Halo 4 and wow, what a sight to behold. Yes, we loved what we saw. GREAT! All of this is truly exciting, but will we see what come of all of this.

It was like crunchy lima beans, good for us, but not sure if that is what we wanted. Now on to this month’s rant, here are this month’s topics:

E3 2012 Recap

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