June 2013 | E2 After Math: An Intendo Crossing

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E3 was a RIOT!! Nintendo showcasing a few good games. Mario Kart Wii U, Donkey Kong Wii U, a new Pikmin and many other new games. But no new StarFox or Zelda on Wii U?? ANTICIPATION!!!

Sony has some cool stuff to show off, but their humorous ‘How To Share‘ video games was giggly funny. Clean, pure fun. Gotta love. But what’s up at Microsoft Headquarters? Who’s buying a legion of beamers? Or army of Rolls? They came out with handcuffs all over their console. Scared a few people and made the babies cry. Well, good news! They took off the handcuffs, even though one rep asked a ‘reporter’; “Do you know how to program?”.  Hmmm, irony, the question we all asked was put into effect and VOILA!! Freedom, things are back to normal. Or are they? Keep your eyes peeled.IT’S A TRAP! Let’s hope not.  ULTIMATE!  ULTIMATE!  ultimate!

Well, lets get down to this month’s topics:

E3 Main Event

Nintendo News

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