June 2014 | E3 Re-Capcom Affordable Vitamin A

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HipHip Hooray!!   Xbox One just got A LOT better!!  Kinectless Xbox One is headed to store shelves and your home (if not already there) and E3 was literally was EXPLOSIVE.   With the announcement of Crackdown on XBOX [WHAT!?!?]   ONE!!   That’s right!   That’s right! Microsoft has allowed the Mighty Crackdown for Xbox One. Let’s hope this is a Redemption from Crackdown’s sequel.   Awesome news!

Crackdown 3 on Xbox One suggestions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcSprVX3UkA

The E3 went well for all the participants, but you know we had to go over each one. [Crackdown]

Sony with the OProject Morpheus and Nintendo with a whole bunch of goodie snacks. Hyrule Warriors is looking totally amazing!

Now on with this month’s topics:

E3 Press Conference for: Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo

Capcom and their financial woes and stock

Apple Makes Affordable Macs

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