Jurassic Park the Game: Episode 1

Jurassic Park The Game by Telltale Games for PC, iPad2, PS3 and Xbox360

Release Date: 11/15/2011

Rated: T for Teen

Players: 1

Online Players: 0

“Welcome to Jurassic Park!” This is a review by a fan of the movie, the music, the concept, the backdrops and of course DINOSAURS! Jurassic Park games of this caliber have been on the minds of MANY of the MANY Jurassic Park fans. This article is regarding both the Windows PC version and the iPad2 versions on the market. As soon as each version loaded, the title screens display a roaring T-Rex. Once you begin the game, the joy of just being in the presence of picking up RIGHT after Jurassic Park’s original adventure feels thrilling!

Getting to the story of the game, Episode 1 (keep in mind, that there are THREE MORE episodes I have not touched) it has been a VERY thrilling and enticing adventure. I, we, the players get to go back to Isla Nebula and pick up where the original JP left off and to live out our ending to the adventure. It’s ALL about the Barbasol Can and its contents, or is it? That’s what we’re there to find out.

As for the flow of the story, the game is REALLY WELL DONE! Well written and acted out. Believable in a way ANY Jurassic Park fan will ‘feel they’re are there’. Now for the bad… Yes, this is a video game, so…

As I’ve said, we”ve purchased both the Windows PC version and the iPad2 version. Note, I could install it to my MacBook, but I am not as that computer is reserved for other things. The first thing all players will notice is the snagging of the visuals. It is bad, but a fan like myself, didn’t mind. Why? We’re in Jurassic Park! I say that now, but on iPad2, it is bothersome.

I viewed a part that snagged on the PC, but played on the iPad2 and it was just GREAT! The iPad2’s controls are ‘touchy’, but it is portable and enjoyable – again, I am a fan of Jurassic Park. Saying this is an ‘interactive movie’ means that obviously that person who gave that review did not play Phantamagoria (PC), Dragon’s Lair (Any Medium), Space Ace (Any Medium), Ground Zero Texas (Sega CD) or Braindead 13 (Any Medium) and many many other ‘interactive movies’. Granted players can not freely traverse the island, that is not a bad thing. Maybe next time Telltale will allow such? Maybe, maybe not.

This game gives a VERY nice representation with a little issues with the smoothness of the ride. To a person that plays nothing but platform, first person shooters, sports games or is not a fan of Jurassic Park, this game may not appeal to them. But those who like good adventure and great story telling, this game is awesome! Yes, it has the few snags in the two FULL versions I’ve played and am playing. But for Jurassic Park fans, this is a no-brainer. Buy it and go off to your corner and be prepared to be swept away. IF you rare playing it on iPad2, use earphones and turn out the lights.

Pros: Jurassic Park-feel

Cons: Lag
Controls just need a little more tweaking
(i.e. the iPad2 version claws scratching on the screen)
Visual snapping to fit the audio
Pause with a Dino roaring

I guess my review is going to be higher than many others as I survived the Sega CD Era and moved into the 3DO Era, but never played Phantamagoria and wonder if the other reviewers have.

Jurassic Park The Game by Telltale gets an B+. Why? It meets our needs like a lost chapter of a book, players get to interact and the few bugs are overlooked. Not exactly forgiven or forgotten, but hey… This is an adventure and until Sega releases Jurassic Park II: The Lost World Arcade Game, this game is a worthy edition by all of us who have been waiting over a decade.

Thanks Telltale, you did a MAGNIFICENT job. And the content matched up and the source material ALL came together GREAT!! This is highly regarded and respected. Thank you.


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