KGR Internet Email: Internet Stranger and Online Only Rumors and Used Game Sales

We get actual emails from concerned gamers who want to just share their feelings by venting. As of late, we received and email and were suggested to post it. We liked what they said and this Internet Stranger had to say.

This Internet Stranger is VERY concerned about Online Only Console Rumors and the terrible math by companies that say that there is No Profit in USED GAME SALES.

Take a listen or go click Read More and read the unedited email.

Internet Stranger Email

I’ve been reading the rumors of the new xbox, here to be revealed may 21st of 2013 by Microsoft, least that was the last official release of information that I saw from them on the xbox home screen along for xbox live subscribers, and even then it was a rather short lived message.

There are several reasons I’m really disturbed by the rumors that have come out on the newer system as well as the so called “leaked documents” on the game creation for the newer system. I have good reason for these to bug me though.

I myself live in a small town, from the longest point in this town its 1 mile across, there aren’t a lot of businesses around here, and none that sell game systems unless your willing to drive 50 miles to get to the nearest game stop. Internet service here can be spotty at times, you’ll be chugging along and end up getting disconnected from anywhere from 5 minutes to 1 hour for no apparent reason.

I’m a web designer by trade, all my business is done online developing and maintaining the coding for websites for various companies. So I have a consistent internet connection and am pretty much ‘always on’ when it comes to the net. But lets take a look at that first off.

We have one phone company here in this town, so that allows them to monopolize the rates, if they want to charge more for the services they can,

and will. Average expense for a basic phone connection here with internet is 75.00/month if you got the 5 year price lock, this gets you

250gb’s of data transfer within a 30 day limit, which if you watch a lot of Netflix, other video service , or do a lot of data transferring, you

can eat that up rather quickly.

The only other option you have for internet over that via the phone company is 120/a month for business internet (not including phone which is

separate at that point). Most of the families around here can’t afford to go that route for internet, and there are many houses still in this

area who don’t have internet service. So right off the bat were talking at least 75 dollars a month minimal to have a always on connection.

My house has 4 xboxes in it total, one in each bedroom, one in the living room, and one in the entertainment room. While someone may be watching movies on one, another one can be used to play games. Our collection of games totals over 350, If we want to play a game on one of the other consoles we just take the game and slap it into a different console and off we go.

From what I’ve been reading however this will no longer be the case if things go the way they are planned. How its been outlined for the new console is once you’ve stuck a game into a system its locked to that system by a internal serial stored on the cd itself, making it so you can’t take that disk and toss it into a different console to play it there.

Now being that we currently have 4 units in the house and 350+ games, if these were the rumored new Xboxes, we would have to buy the same games

4 times over to be able to play them on any of the units setup inside the house, not only that but all 4 units would have to have a consistent internet connection to the web to check a license server to check to see if the game has been played before and if its licensed to the unit itself.

If there is no internet connection, too bad for you, you wont be able to play any games on the unit. I can understand wanting to stop piracy on cd’s, but this itself is totally the wrong way to go about it, your punishing the honest people more then you are those who would be stealing games.

Another reason that was stated to doing this is saying that there is no profit line to the resale of used games, and its meant to stop the distribution of resold games. This in itself I really don’t get, After doing some checking on the places that buy used games to resell them to the public, and looking at what the individuals are getting paid for those games verse what the games are sold for, the companies themselves are making anywhere from 3 times to 4 times the profit of what they paid for the game in return.

I understand the underlining costs of buying used games, and loss from such purchases can be acquired but with how all of them do it, they are never losing money, even with titles that they have paid more for, if the ever drops down to the ‘lowest selling rate’ for the title they are still making some profit.

So the larger corporations who originally put these games out don’t mean that there isn’t any profit in ‘used games’ they mean ‘there isn’t any profit to us for used games’, it’s a spoken word of greed, they aready got their payment for selling the game in the first place but now they want another cut if the game is sold used.

I remember where everyone took and burnt Garth Brook cd’s to protest him and him not wanting his cd’s to be sold as used because he wasn’t getting any profit from them, this case its no different.

The thing I hate about download games is there is always a hassle to play them on a different system, being I have 4 units, to keep from having to go through tons of hair pulling I would have to purchase the game individually for each unit, a 19.95 game download just quickly became 79.80 just so it could be freely played on any one of the four units without any problem. The other problem downloadable games and consoles is, if your unit ever dies, this generally means for the normal user replacing the entire unit and downloading all those games again that they had purchased so they can play again.

Currently how it sits, one of my units dies, I can just go out and buy another to replace it with, slap a game into it and start playing right away, but from what I’m reading its going to be a hassle even then with the new system, having to prove you bought the game new in order to be able to get it assigned to the new console so you can start playing that ‘one’ game again.

Now if this console is a always on system and requires a consistent internet connection, what about the millions of people who live in the outlining cities like myself, internet is spotty, many don’t have internet? Are we wanting to cut all those potential customers out of our market and limit ourselves to the major cities that make up 1/4th of our country? Do we want to cut out those individuals in other countries that have to pay by minute or hour for their internet connections who don’t have consistent internet?

If the unit is required to be online always, being connected to the internet to be able to play your games, then your truly not buying a gaming system but leasing it, and having to pay a monthly fee on top to be able to play those games for the xbox live service. If the unit is required to be online always to be able to play a disc you bought in a store on a unit you bought in a store, then there should be no fee for having to have it connected, as the device itself will not function as intended without a consistent internet connection and a online subscription.

The sad part is that people really don’t like to think, they would rather someone else do it for them and just make the best thing happen, and that’s part of the problem, they aren’t willing to figure out what some corporation thinks is best for them really isn’t.

20 years ago people use to still stand up and fight for what they believed in, what they felt was right. 10 years ago people would whimper from the side lines, and now today, it seems people just won’t stand up and fight for what they believe to be fair business practice. You see less and less of people standing up for what is right, and just. and more and more of people just rolling over and taking the hits rather then putting effort toward getting something done right.

I wish more people would stand up and speak out, that people would take more interest in the things that are being done to them because they have shrugged their shoulders or or thought ‘what can I do, im just 1 person’ well… there are 16 billion other ‘1 persons’ on this planet, don’t be afraid to speak out for starters.

In closing, from what being said you wont even be able to play games if you don’t have a internet connection, if this is true then the device doesn’t function without additional services, including internet, whats next? Ovens, Microwaves, Refrigerators that will cease to function if you don’t have a ‘always on’ internet connection connected directly to it?

That may sound like its going out on a limb, but think about it, larger things have happened because of stupid things like this to the point that the intentional reasoning behind what was trying to be done was lost and it was turned into just another profit machine for greedy corporations.

“The Internet Stranger”


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