March 2010 | Big N Sony Crackdown iTouch Screening Instinct

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March is over, or is it?  We had God of War 3 along with an entire slew of games on all formats bombard us.

This month, we have a rant for all to swing through and get a small gander of the past, present and possible future in gaming.  This month’s rant covers

Nintendo’s Rehash of Triple A Game Titles

Sony Move – Is it Ripping the Nintendo Wii

What to Expect from E3 of 2010

Final Fight Double Impact

God of War 3

Crackdown 2

Street Fighter IV – iPod Touch

Screenshare on Gaming Consoles

Killer Instinct: The Project

GAMME EXPO – June 4 – 6, 2010

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Thank You for listening.