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On three, yell “MORTAL KOMBAAAAAAAT!” at the top of your lungs.  1… 2…. 3… “MORTAL KOMBAAAAAAAT!”  That felt good, didn’t it?  Well, this is a glorious time to be a vidiot with an internet connection.  Mortal Kombat 9 is upon us, but better yet, the Nintendo 3DS is AWESOME!  Okay, granted that NONE of the Online Shops (DSWare, 3DSWare / WiiWare, etc) are not open or online (for the U.S.).  Yep, we’ve got one along with SSFIV 3D Edition and Nintendogs + Cats – Toy Poodle Edition.  (We apologize for all who visited expecting an 3DS out of the box video.  We’ll have that this coming weekend now that we’ve had hands on and understand it better.  Face Raiders Rocks!!  Think Space Invaders in 3D mixed with Zathura WITH YOUR FACE as the face of the enemy.)

The games look AWESOME!!  But eventually you turn the 3D Effect off.  Face Raiders is TRULY and AWESOME game!  You have to play it AT LEAST once and it is FREE!  Maybe we’ll pickup Pilot Wings 3DS later in April?  Maybe, just maybe….  Our ‘Balls of Steel’ was pushed back, aw..  “Come On Duke, man you can DO THIS!  We can wait a little longer.”.  Great sadness and empathy to Japan, please assist where you can.  Rest in Peace Elizabeth Taylor – Your Legacy Lives On.   So many topics, but we had to keep them short this time around.  This month our topics are:

Well, that’s it for March 2011.  We hope you enjoyed it, although we had some audio problems and someone was being fidgety.  Have you checked out.  Take a moment and visit.  Remember, it is better is we work together and not against each other.

Thank you for listening!!

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