March 2012 | Shenmue DLC iPad Cross-Over Mass Effect

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Mass Effect 3 is here!  Take the Earth back!  There is an iPad version of the game (Mass Effect Infiltrator):

It’s FREE! The most anticipated game of 2012 is finally here.  Have you finished Mass Effect 2?  You do KNOW if you beat Mass Effect 3, you can pop in Mass Effect (One) and have more features added to your classes than you did before?  It’s been a great adventure, but now Journey is here.  If you liked Flower, Journey is going to please.  Sad new int he Street Fighter Avenue, Yoshinori Ono fell ill, we wish him well and a speedy recovery.  HD, HD, HD,Resident Evil HD and more…

Draw Something is a pretty addictive game, very casual and creative.  Outside of games for iPad, Taposé is finally available.  So, what are you playing now?  We’re not sure but, here are this month’s topics:


  • Shenmue coming to Xbox Live and PS3 
  • What does DLC stand for now?  Disk Locked Content?

  • iPad 3rd Gen 
  • MS New Console may be Missing a Diskdrive 
  • Street Fighter x Street Fighter DLC Issue  / Sports Games 
  • Mass Effect 3 Ending 
  • Gears of War Complete (Thoughts) 

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