Mario Paint U for Wii U


Mario Paint U for Wii U

To suggest it call:

3, 5, 0

• Think Mario Paint on SNES, but now you can save up to as many as 200 five minute animations with sound and export them to NintendoTube (YouTube) for the world to see.

• Now, not only can you draw, you can take photos of other things and ‘import’ them into your scenes. Limitations to some images to upload for public to see. All content will be monitored that is shared publically. But private shares will not. Video files can be exported to the hard drive and moved with a flash drive and trasferred to a computer to be shared where ever.

• Music is just as great as you can make your own or buy custom made music for your animation

• And the Fly Swatting game is back and more fun! With different games to play.

• Paid DLC Packs could be the songs, graphics, brushes, stampe that are made by Nintendo and themes to popular games.

• Nintendo Studio Life would be an account for artists.

I can go on and on.  I love fun.

Artists’ PayPal Shop on this Special Nintendo Web Channel. This will move forward with any future gaming. Direct storage of 5GB, plus submittal for approval makes it efficient.

It allows artists to create and sell custom everything. Think Deviant Art, minus copyrighted fan made stuff. Original media, artists earn money.

Of course, there are a lot of stipulations.

Make the engine. Make some graphics. Make a nice 20 level game.
Price: $35.

Now for the custom part add-on. $25 now give you access to those custom graphics, sound effects and music.

Some free, but mostly paid. Wii Points, Cash, let’s play…!

Nintendo could EASILY bank on – Nintendo’s YouTube for gamers using their Nintendo consoles. Including handhelds.

Or WiiverseTube. Whatever… Options. Only if viable.

Or just export EVERYTHING to USBFLASHDRIVE and users upload their finished projects where ever they want to.

It’s all up to Nintendo.

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