May 2010 | Halo Hakan vs DLC Skating Modnation Sonic

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The MIGHTY Month of May.  It was a good month, great games,super cool movies and more!

This month we had quite a few things going on, getting nitty-gritty with Super Street Fighter IV.  With 3D Dot Game Heroes, Split Second, Blur and a slew of games coming out, we were not sure what to do.  SSFIV is just getting better and better!  Although Dudley’s Ending is a bit of a mess, we love the fighting aspect!  Rumors of Hakan being a terrible fighter have surfaced, but that’ll be saved for a later rant after a few things have been ironed out.  Modnation Racers, one hot game everyone needs to play at least five times is out on not only the Sony PS3, but also the Sony PSP and YES!  It is DLC on PSN!!

Xbox Live, we got Doom II, check it out if Doom I was not enough for you.  All we know is that Crackdown 2 is almost upon us and we can hardly wait!!!  MORE firepower, MORE skills (that kill by the way) and MORE Agents online at the same time!!  We’re tired, but our last drops of energy are reserved for this game.  Line’em up, roll’em out and race to the top… Oh, don’t forget to blow a few things up on your way!

This month, we ranted on about:

Halo Reach Beta
Super Street Fighter IVHakan – Tech Video

Marvel vs Capcom 3!

UNO on Xbox360

UNO on PS3

Castlevania Series (Castlevania :  Lords of Shadow )

Super Castlevania IV (on Wii for Virtual Console)
DLC  – The Consumer Level and the possible future of Downloadable Content

Skating Games
Street Trace:NYC

Modnation Racers

Mod Creation

Sonic 4 Delayed

Thank You for listening.

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