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May Showers Bring Power Up Flowers!! This month’s Rant, LONG overdue, capitalizes on some subjects of old and new. First, TOTAL sadness, Macho Man Randy Savage, one of the GREAT TITANS of Wrestling has passed away. Profound Sadness indeed. His embodiment will be sorely missed, but his presence will always be felt. Whether someone is taunting or humoring someone with mimicking his raspy voice or hit a friend in the face with a “SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM!”. R.I.P. Great One. In other scenes, Mortal Kombat is really returning they way it SHOULD have been on the next gen systems – 2D, online multiplayer and just plain ‘Hot out the BOX’.

Infamous 2 released Early and Half Off!?!? NO WAY… Yes way! L.A. Noire and pulling ranks on the “We Likes” list. Check back with us later as Phil gives us his mouthful on the ‘LANOIRE’ Experience. PSN is up, well, sorta. Hackers are still causing turmoil. STOP THE INSANITY! Xbox Live has gotten a bite or two. This is too-loose, someone needs to put a cap on it. Glad MS took on the kid and coaching him the RIGHT WAY. BIG KUDOS MS [APPLAUSE!].  Not sure why, but Sony’s new NGP rename sounds a lot like:

No that the Wii, PS3 Move and Kinect are fully out on the market, do you see anything ‘revolutionary’ in the gaming scene?  Such as a ‘Wow, I must play it with THAT’?  We chat about the possibilities of ‘new games’. This month our topics are:

    • Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection Kombat (IS in there, forget what warrengonline said on the podcast – he is ignorant about that sometimes), Mortal Kombat 2 and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 are ported over to XBLA, PSN and PC. (Wii version is yet to be announced)  Also, MKAK will have online play. YIPPEE Kai YAY!
    • Street Fighter Third Strike Online
      Capcom Do Us Good!
      Are we going to see a Lego Edition of SSFIV (or of ANY of our other games, such as Sonic or Mario)?
  • New Game Concepts
    Are there ANY NEW ORIGINAL Game Concepts on the horizons?Kinect Games for The Blind & Deaf

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