May 2012 | Fighting Smash vGame Dead Phone

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April Showers bring May Flowers and how about games? Keep reading to find out.
Nothing much to talk about this month of May. The Avengers movie is AWESOME! The Hulk makes the movie. Get ready to have a good time. Rebellion Pack is out for download/update. Looks nice. New weapons and characters to unlock. Yay! Newretro game bundles ( Monster World – Wonderboy) are released, though some are on the Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection. THAT needs to come to iPad or Nintendo DS!! Now on to this month’s rant, here are this month’s topics:

  • Is Smash Brothers a Fighting Game?
  • USED Game Sales vs Game Product that is Under Par vs Game Rentals vs Game Piracy
  • The Walking Dead: The Game by Telltale Games
  • Automated Phone Systems
  • Nintendo News
    Wii U Controller Upgraded
    Konami classic Series Arcade Hits – Circuis Charlie
  • Movies Based off Video Games
    ET and Yar’s Revenge with Howard Scott Washaw Oasis

    The Last StarFighter

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