May 2013 | X1 Tries ED-209 Presentation: Where’s the Beef?

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Well, well, well, May has come and gone, but the May Shower presentation known as Stock Increase for Sony and the Sales Rank Increase for the Wii U (aka The Microsoft Reveal) has left bees a-buzzing and ‘diarrhea-at-the-mouth‘ a whirring. Oh the joys of miscommunication on the internet. Well, hopefully E3 will be in FULL EFFECT to stomp out the trolls and goblins. Can we get a OUYA over here!?!?

So many people try to defame Fast and the Furious, but look at all those EARNINGS! And there was a game released calledFast and the Furious: Showdown in the lineup!  DID YOU KNOW!?!?  EA said some ‘things’ about the Wii U, but plans for the PS3 and Microsoft’s new console are BIG, BIG, BIG!! Let’s hope an official Road Rash game is revealed at E3 (fingers crossed and chain weapon ready). So much is going on, are you ready for the new consoles?

Well, lets get down to this month’s topics:

Xbox One (X1) Presentation Thoughts

Future of Game Rental and Marketing

What should Nintendo do for the Wii U?
Squigglefish – YouTube
Piclings – YouTube

What happened to synchronized game, movie and toy release dates?

Where gaming development is headed

Video Game Music

Nintendo News

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