May 2014 | You Boob Beats Less Connect II

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Hey, sorry we’re late, but here we are here. We hope you all had a safe and fun Memorial Day Weekend. Well, Mario Kart 8 is here!!! Are we going to see some movement in the Wii U inventory? Our signs are pointing to YES! But even more, the anticipated, making us almost wet our pants, Zelda U is possibly going to be announced at E3 2014!!! Who’s on the edge of their seat for that one? Also, if you want Battle Arena Toshinden on the CEO Game Roster, make some noise in the community on twitter and wake up ALL the ‘Eight Traveling Fighters’ to bring them back together for a common destiny!

Well, LeVar Burton’s Reading Rainbow kickstarter reached its base Goal!!!!  YEAH!!!  People are READY to READ! “Take a look, its in a book…!” Now the next goal is $5 million to go even FARTHER than the mind thought it ever would.   This is a great feeling!

Who’s there?
Xbox One.
Xbox One?
Yes, Xbox One with No Kinect Needed

Well, the time finally has come like the olden days of Nintendo. Sure you got a Zapper, two control pads and at least two games in your BASIC game deck package.  None of it was forced on you, poor R.O.B. Microsoft FINALLY came to their senses and removed the need for the device gamers did not want.  Though it is more hailed to be a price matching against the PS4. Will that mandatory removal be enough to get gamers to pick up more Xbox Ones?  Stay turned to the internet to find out.

Now on with this month’s topics:

YouTube Buying Twitch, what does it mean to YouTube Gamers?

Apple Buying Beats Earphones and Services, how will it affect game music?

Microsoft now selling a Kintectless Xbox One. What does that mean to both Devs and Gamers?

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