Microsoft’s Holo Studio – Is Efficient VR Finally Here?

After seeing the Holo Studio on Microsoft’s Live Event, this was the pure highlight of the show.  The big “What If?”  Many of us who’ve watched the movie Disclosure with Michael Douglas, recall the office scene with the VR SetUp and the VR Angel and VR Filing System.


All of which was much more realistic than Lawnmower Man.  Microsoft’s showcase of Holo Studio was very impressive.  With VR trying to make a comeback, will they effectively hardness it?

It certainly looks like they have moved in the right direction.

Those who’ve played Heavy Rain will remember Norman Jayden and ARI, his VR Office Space.

Now imagine using QR codes to VR your house into a cave or a high tech VR home with Minority Report like applications and programs?

Imagine more if MS can get the price down to $299 per headset for schools to use.  This could revolutionize learning.  Not quite a Star Trek Holodeck, but for a personal or SHARED experience with another user, this is great!

Hopefully Microsoft teams up with some real world 3D designers, not just video games, but movie and architects who use 3D programs to make sure Holo Studio is more robust.

Let’s hope this is not another Project Natal, full of hope, but reality, just a brushed dream.


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