November 2010 | NXE2010 Kinects Turismo Rain Revenge Future Price

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Happy ThanksChristmasing!  This season is just loaded with surprises, good, bad and ugly.  Let’s take care of The Bad, R.I.P. Leslie Nielsen one REALLY FUNNY guy who took on zany character roles.  Most remember him from Airplane and The Naked Gun series (with OJ Simpson), but he was also in Creepshow (not one of his humorous roles).  He will be missed.

The Ugly, wikileak, plain and simple, we do not believe in censorship, but what they did was crossing the line and undeniably “not right”.  The Good, the KINECT is here and it WORKS!!  Gran Turismo 5 is out with an extended load time and a few bumps in the road and the world has not ended even though Microsoft raised the prices of the Xbox Live Service “Whew!”

This month, last month – we had a lot of things to play and cover (sorry, no Street Fighter news this month – SSFIV: AE is still rolling strong).  The iPod Touch is winning some of us over (Deejay and Sagat are now in the iPod version of SF IV), whether we realize and acknowledge it or not.  This month is going to be a blend of crunchy and spicy mix of topics.

Now on with the rant…

This month our topics are:

  • Xbox Dashboard Update Nov 2010
  • Post-Launch Kinect
  • Where are the new IPs?
  • Gran Turismo 5 – The Heavy Install
  • Heavy Rain – PS Move Edition
  • iPod Touch Games
  • ‘New’ Yar’s Revenge
  • What kind of games we (at KGR) would like to see coming from the Kinect and PS Move
  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent – PC Version

We hope you all had good, tummy filled and thankful Thanksgiving!!

Thank you for listening!!


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