November 2011 | Peace Gavankar Rank Jurassic Devil Stalkers

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Thanksgiving has come and gone.  We hope all of you found something to be thankful for.  The year almost over, butBatman is still swooping around Gotham, The Saints are ‘rowing’ or clobbering or what ever it is that they do for a third time– its quite awesome!  (But NOT Crackdown)  Skyrim is not taking on Dark Souls, it is actually taking off on its own.  So, where are you?  What are you playing?

This month of November we had a lot happening, a few sad happenings and a lot of gamesJurassic Park is HERE!  Just like the Park, “Houston we have problems.  Check out the review in the Game Rant Section.  We hope this month’s rant is entertaining.  With no further delay, here are this month’s topics:

Rest in Peace
Andy Rooney

Heavy D

Janina Gavankar
[Actress: Ms. Dewey, as Leigh Turner in The Gates, The L Word as Papi, True Blood as Luna Garza, on Stargate Atlantis] (episode Whispers) as SGT. Mehra and as host for Epileptic Gaming.!/Janina
Wii: GameCube Castration

Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer

Rank Match Idle Issues in Super Street Fighter IV / Super Street Fighter IV: AE

Jurassic Park – PC and iPad2
KGR’s Jurassic Park Rant Review

JurassicJunkie – Super Collection Package

Itagaki – Devil’s Third

Darkstalkers 2D “Ono, don’t ‘Oh No’ us!”


You can now leave comments on each topic we post.  What do you think?  Agree or Disagree?  Let us know.  The more comments you leave, come next year, the Prizes will be given.  We have not worked out how just yet.  Will it be random?  Who has the most valid comments come Feb 2011.  Prizes are usually Wii Points, PSN Points and MS Points.  We may bring some Apple Store Card codes.  Always check Latest News as that is where the Articles will be located.
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