November 2012 | Media Consoles Hand Renew IP

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Happy (Late) Thanksgiving! We hope you all had a great day of thanks and remembrance of what you have to give thanks for! This month, the Wii U hit, are you still excited. Did you get one? And Pier Solar HD is kickstarted and wrapping up soon. THEY MET THE GOAL!! PURE JOY!!

A new Wii Mini, (‘Mini Wii’?) is rumored to be coming. Is it backwards compatible with GameCube Games? Who knows?!? But if not, that is going to blow!!! With this year almost over, Ouya is right around the corner!! Welcome to the End of November!!

Well, lets get down to this month’s topics:

With Entertainment Media Infesting the Console Market, should that give game developers a breather or extension on developing games?

Console vs Handheld Systems

What game IP would you like renewed, not exactly rebooted?


Nintendo News
• Wii U Launch on Nov 18

Disney’s Epic Mickey – Power of Illusion 3DS Demo

Code of Princess

Guardian heroes

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