October 2010 | XMEN Kinect Meat Lords of Duke Holiday

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October, October, OCTOBER!!  BOO!  Too many games, so little time and BIG events all around!  Who has the time!?!?  This month we tried to cover some interesting stuff for you, but we had to dwindle some things down and actually had to delete a topic AFTER we had recorded it.  Also, take a look at the menu, we have the forum up in beta.  If you do not sign up, please at least look around.  We hope and know you’re going to like this month’s rant.  Our topics are:

  • XMen Arcade Six Players coming to XBLA and PSN
  • Kinect – Coming Nov, 2010
  • Super Meat Boy  – indie Game
  • Castlevania Lords of Shadow – The Aftermath
  • Duke Nukem Forever – Randy Pitchfork’s Performance
  • SSFIV Arcade Edition – Status Report
  • Holiday 2010 Games – Overall picture of what games we expect without delving in specifics.

We hope you all had a Safe and Happy Halloween!!

Thank you for listening!!


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